Garage Museum of Contemporary Art: Situated Worlds (online)

The new season of the Garage Digital grant program Situated Worlds invites artists and researchers to explore the idea of multiple coexisting worlds and ways of creating them, drawing on Donna Haraway’s theory of ‘situated knowledges’.

This theory rejects the possibility of knowledge able to cover the entire world and make a fair judgement about it. Instead, it suggests an understanding that any perspective on the world is essentially partial and limited due to the fact that it is produced by an embodied, located subject.

At the same time, as author and media theorist McKenzie Wark has pointed out, the concept of the world is too broad and complex: in fact, we only ever see part of it and our ideas about what we call ‘the world’ never form a complete picture but something more like multiple separate worlds. Juxtaposing these worlds against one another and studying the possible navigations between them proves to be productive in many areas of knowledge, from media geology and critical infrastructural studies to a planetary view of the world.

The programme is open to Russian and international artists and groups applying with projects for a new work in any medium that allows for exhibition and distribution online.

Five grants will be awarded, providing:

Fee: 60,000 rubles for Russian citizens / $800 for citizens of other countries.

Project Budget: Up to 250,000 rubles for Russian citizens / $3400 for citizens of other countries.

Projects will be presented on the Garage Digital platform.

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