Ji.hlava: Inspiration Forum LAB

The Inspiration Forum LAB is an interdisciplinary research programme designed to provide a space where artists and scientists can meet and work together on creating research-based multimedia art projects. The aim is to combine the scientific and artistic language to find ways of expression that could communicate to audiences beyond the boundaries of each of these two worlds.

The 2021/22 LAB will take place in phases over seven months, October 2021 – April 2022, with follow-up project presentations in the spring/summer and autumn of 2022, and has been given the theme ‘The Limits to Growth’. Not just the name of the legendary 1972 Club of Rome report by Donella H. Meadows and her research collective, this phrase is also an intriguing proposition and call to action. It suggests that there are limits to the way our societies and economies can behave – but what is a limit? An obstacle? An opportunity to focus? A productive constraint? And how many types of growth are there? Is growth needed at all? What is the shape of society or economy that can fit these limits, both literally and metaphorically?

Selected LAB participants will develop both theoretical and technical skills through a set of expert lectures and technical workshops. Working in two interdisciplinary groups, the participants will also conduct collaborative research in order to develop concepts for their multimedia art projects. The final projects will be presented in the Display Gallery and at the Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival.


  • The programme is looking for 8 participants from European countries with various backgrounds (artists, film makers, architects, designers, social scientists, environmentalists, technology innovators, etc.), who will create two groups. Each interdisciplinary team will include members with background in technology or natural sciences, social sciences and art.
  • Age: 25–40 (recommended).
  • Fluent in English.


  • Lectures and workshops will take place in Prague, Jihlava, and online.
  • Each participant will receive a stipend of 500 EUR.
  • Each group will work with a production budget of 1200 EUR and can spend additional 500 EUR for tech rentals or expert consultations.

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‘The Limits of Growth’