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Open Call Hydromedia: Seeing with Water

1st Open Call (1/3) Hydromedia Residency I
Residency Period 1 april - 30 april 2023

Sidestepping the purely documentary approach that prevails today in the photographic imagination of climate emergencies, Hydromedia: Seeing with Water would like to develop and promote new, experimental and easyto-use artistic protocols to visualise and narrate the ecological breakdown.

We invite artists to develop innovative tools based on the alternative photographic model of direct tracing through physical contact. By sharing these newly developed visual and/or narrative protocols with the general public, Hydromedia will give them the artistic means to reimagine their relationship with nature.

Stressing a multidisciplinary approach, artists will work together with scientists and environmentalists. To develop these novel methods and tools, Hydromedia will organise three residencies.

Each residency is dealing with a local topic concerning ecological water management during a one month stay at one of the participating institutes in Antwerp, Utrecht or Karlsruhe.

This is the open call for the first residency at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp which will take place in the month of April 2023. The second residency at the HKU in Utrecht will take place in Autumn 2023 and the third one at the HFG Karlsruhe will take place in Spring 2024.

For each residency we will select four artists. Each of them will receive a fee of 2000€, a working budget of 2000€, as well as the coverage of their travels, accommodation and subsistence during the residency period.

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Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp
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